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We are experts in multiple domains like eLearning, eCommerce etc web-based application testing. Our solutions are end-to-end, cost-effective, and use cutting-edge technology. QA Services ensures organizational compliance, faster turnaround times, and efficient delivery models, for better productivity.

When application testing is carried out, your web application is tested for potential bugs and all necessary reports are performed depending on your web testing requirements. our experts will help you to choose the type of web application testing which is the most suitable for your application. We will make a full analysis of your application, identify risks and prioritize key tasks for testing. More information about Automated Testing in AppServe.

Types of manual web testing that we do:

Functional testing

Is a process that checks whether a web application functions as expected and verifies whether it supplies what the users expect. It envolves Regression testing, Integration testing, System testing etc.

Global App services is found to be most affordable, cost effective, efficient, reliable and accurate solution by its customers. One of the most important aspect in successfully implementing Functional Testing is smartly designing the: Test Plan Test cases Bug reports

GUI testing

GUI testing is a process to test application's user interface to ensure it meets its written specifications. GUI Testing includes how the application handles keyboard and mouse events, how different GUI components like menubars, toolbars, dialogs, buttons, edit fields, list controls, images etc. reacts to user input and whether or not it performs in the desired manner. Implementing GUI testing for your application early in the software development cycle speeds up

development, improves quality and reduces risks towards the end of the cycle. GUI Testing can be performed both manually with a human tester or could be performed automatically with use of a software program.

Cross browser testing

With wide range of web browsers available, end users uses different web browsers to access your web applications or website, it has now become crucial to test web applications on multiple browsers. We have an access of all the

browsers with their OS combinations along with their versions. Global App services can help you test Functionality/GUI of your web application on different Browsers. It ensures compatibility of your application on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.

Content testing

checks that users can easily understand all items that appear on the page with correct interpretation of the content they use. Our team has tested millions of pages and provided detailed insight about bugs which could not have been detected easily.

Usability testing

is a type of testing aimed at checking whether the particular application is user-friendly and ready to satisfy the needs of customers.ily.

integration with websites, CRM and other software.With GlobalAppServices you can be sure you won't disappoint end-customer and meet your expectations.