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Web App Performance Testing
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Performance Testing: A Key to Optimizing Website Performance

As many as 44% of website owners do not test their website to check for such concerns as increased traffic volume or load. In today's competitive and highly responsive market, it's unwise for retailers to ignore the necessity of performance testing, especially when their website is sometimes their only means of attaining sales and create a good reputation. Hence, every websitemanager should adopt a mechanism to monitor their website and its performance 24/7.

Web Performance Testing

Web Performance Testing is executed to provide accurate information on the readiness of an application through testing the web site and monitoring the server side application. This is done by simulating load as close as possible to the real conditions in order to evaluate if the application will support load. By doing this testing, you can guarantee that

your system performance while aiding in identifying and fixing possible bottlenecks. Finally, it provides useful advice about how to fix problems (tuning of system parameters and modification of software or hardware upgrades).

Load Testing Architecture

Our load testing architecture is a hybrid solution offering cost-effective and convenient load testing. Befitting our position asa top-notch software testing company, we promise to deliver fully supported automation platforms that

sustain and accelerate product development and market introduction. Our company perfectly blends automation frameworks with open source performance test tools ensuring improved load testing efficiency and eliminating the need to re-create scripts for new products lunched.

Our performance testing services include the following components.

  • Load testing to define normal performance capability.
  • Stress testing to identify limits and boost performance level.
  • Scalability and volume testing to figure out option to enhance performance beyond specifications.
  • Soak testing for verification of endurance level and system behavior under sustained use.
  • Evaluation of performance testing tools and their customization.
  • Monitoring and fine tuning of performance.

We can help you:

  • Test your web applications from distributed locations across the internet.
  • Include load, stress, volume and throughput based performance criterion to test a system from multiple dimensions
  • Perform code reviews to identify performance bottlenecks from within the framework
  • Create a performance testing solution for varying application types and budgets, through extensive exposure to several commercial and open source tools like LoadRunner, Load Stroam, Neoload, IBM RPT and Jmeter performance testing.