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A GIVEN DESIGN Issue HAS NO SINGLE RIGHT ANSWER UX Testing (USER EXPERIENCE Testing) UX testing are primarily concerned with how the product feels. A given design/UI Issue has no single right answer. UX testers explore many different approaches to find a specific issue. The broad responsibility of a UX tester is to ensure that the product logically flows from one step to the next. UX Testing (USER EXPERIENCE Testing)

UI Testing includes how the application handles keyboard and mouse events, how different UI components like menubars, toolbars, dialogs, buttons, edit fields, list controls, images etc. reacts to user input and whether or not it performs in the desired manner.

Some apps have cluttered UI and not appealing while some apps lack UX. Either the performance of app gives a bad feeling at first time which may be a crash or else there is a form for registration in the mobile app which has lots of text fields and other form elements which helps user in abandoning the app and moving on to your competitors app as they have very simple form.

Global app services QA team follow unique approach for this type of testing. If you what your web or mobile application to take a leading positions on the IT market you must be sure that it will be tested in a right and thorough manner. Our experts will help you to perform UI/UX testing in the most efficient way.