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Our Mobile App Testing team

works to ensure that mobile application is free of all application defects, performance and usability issues. Our test lab allows us to thoroughly analyze and test apps across a wide range of mobile platforms such as iOS and Android

(various versions), and a wide range of devices across manufacturers and form factors. We have 50+ IOS,Android, Blackberry, Windows and other smartphone devices with advanced features. Before starting any test we share you our device's

UDID also (in case of IOS only). Although we work on Simulators/emulators also but when required by client only. You must know about the type of your mobile app that you want to test. It can be anyone of them:

Mobile Native app

Native App has been developed for use on a particular platform or device. .A native mobile app is a Smartphone application that is coded in a specific programming language, such as Objective C for iOS and Java for Android operating systems.Native apps live on the device and are accessed through icons on the device home screen and can take full advantage of

all the device features â€" they can use the camera, the GPS, the accelerometer, the compass, the list of contacts, and so on. However, this type of app is expensive to develop because it is tied to one type of operating system, forcing the company that creates the app to make duplicate versions that work on other platforms. Most video games are native mobile apps.

Mobile Web App

Web apps are not real applications; they are really websites that, in many ways, look and feel like native applications, but are not implemented as such. They are run by a browser and Users access them as they would access any web page.

Hybrid apps are combination of native apps and web apps. (Because of that, many people incorrectly call them "web apps"). Like native apps, they live in an app store and can take advantage of the many device features available. Like web apps, they rely on HTML being rendered in a browser, with the caveat that the browser is embedded within the app.

Hybrid apps run inside a native container, and leverage the device's browser engine (but not the browser)
to render the HTMLand process the JavaScript locally. A web-to-native abstraction layer enables access to device

capabilities that are not accessible in Mobile Web applications, such as the accelerometer, camera and local storage. The Global App Services mobile application testing team includes experts with specialization in iOS, Java ME, SIM Tool Kit, multibrowser applications, BREW, and other technologies commonly used on mobile devices. This allows us to quickly create and execute multiple mobile application testing solutions on a variety of handsets.