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Mobile App Performance testing
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Performance Testing on Mobile Applications

Mobile users have high performance expectations, whether using a mobile application or accessing a website from a mobile browser. According to Equation Research, 58% of mobile users expect sites to load roughly as quickly on their mobile phones as on their desktops at home. Sluggish performance, errors, or crashes will send many users to a

competitor, and may affect their willingness to do business with you at all, even from fixed workstations. The mobile app marketplaces are filled with competitive offerings; if you want a spot on a customer's smartphone, you have to earn it.

Testing your Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android and other Devices

Global App Services provides a complete load testing platform for mobile devices. The powerful solution delivers crucial insight into how mobile devices access and use the Web Services API, how backend scales under load, and how individual devices perform when stressed.
Mobile performance testing is more important than ever before. Our load testing services provides insight into mobile backend scalability and how individual mobile devices respond to heavy traffic conditions.

We can help you:

  • Test your mobile applications from distributed locations across the internet.
  • Include load, stress, volume and throughput based performance criterion to test a system from multiple dimensions
  • Perform code reviews to identify performance bottlenecks from within the framework
  • Create a performance testing solution for varying mobile application types and budgets, through extensive exposure to several commercial and open source tools like LoadRunner, Load Stroam, Neoload, IBM RPT and Jmeter performance testing.