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There are countless desktop applications out there, and they fall into many different categories. Few types of applications you may want to test:

(various versions), and a wide range of devices across manufacturers and form factors. We have 50+ IOS,Android, Blackberry, Windows and other smartphone devices with advanced features. Before starting any test we share you our device's

UDID also (in case of IOS only). Although we work on Simulators/emulators also but when required by client only. You must know about the type of your mobile app that you want to test. It can be anyone of them:

Word processors

A word processor allows you to write a letter, design a flyer, and create many other types of documents. The most well-known word processor is Microsoft Word.

Personal finance

Personal finance software, such as Quicken, allows you to keep track of your income and expenses and create a budget, among other tasks. Most personal finance programs can automatically download information from your bank so you don't have to manually type in all of your transactions.

Web browsers

A web browser is the tool you use to access theInternet. Most computers come with a web browser pre-installed, but you can also download a different one if you prefer. Examples of browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.


There are many different games you can play on your computer. They range from card games such as Solitaire to action games like Halo 2. Many action games require a lot of computing power, so they may not work unless you have a newer computer.

Media players

If you want to listen to MP3s or watch moviesyou've downloaded, you'll need to use a media player. Windows Media Player and iTunes are popular media players.


Sometimes called widgets, these are simple applications you can place on your desktop (or on the Dashboard if you're using a Mac). There are many different types of gadgets, and they includecalendars, calculators, maps, and news headlines. Global App services QA Lab has a wide experience in delivering desktop/Windows/Mac application testing services to our clients from all over the world.

We have an access of multiple Windows XP,7,8,Vista and Mac Books from former to later versions. If you what your desktop application to take a leading positions on the IT market you must be sure that it will be tested in a right and thorough manner. Our experts can help you to choose the most appropriate type of desktop application testing and will help you to perform it in the most efficient way.